Unusual Racing Cars, From the Brilliant to the Bizarre

Short term car insurance sites like 28dayscarinsurance.co.uk are uncommon enough. Car racing beats it hollow. From the professional race cars to the local dirt tracks, there are many unusual and bizarre racing cars out there. The brilliant cars are the Nascar ones with all of the safety features installed on them. No matter how terrible an accident looks, the driver is able to get out and walk away with barely a scratch on him. Nascar has added many safety features over the last several years that even when a car flies through the air, rolls several times, and catches on fire, the driver is still safe. These cars may not be too bizarre to look at, but if I had my choice of race car to drive, it would be a Nascar one.

There are several strange and unusual Indy cars that have raced over the years. One such car was the Fageol Twin Coach Special. Back in 1946 the Indy people decided to feature two engines on one car. Each engine was on either end of the car to give power to two wheels at a time. This gave the car four-wheel drive. Driven by Paul Russo, it crashed early and gave Russo a broken leg. This was the only time the car was used in Indy.

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A unique Indy car that shows up in 1948 was the Pat Clancy Special. This car actually had six wheels instead of only four. Four of the wheels were in the back making it a four-wheel drive, and the other two in the front of the car reduced the drag. This car was actually driven in the Indy 500 race and was the only car of its kind to finish that race.

An amazing car that raced in the 1964 Indy 500 race was the MG Liquid Suspension Special. This car used a liquid suspension system. There was some controversy surrounding this type of car with rumors of sabotage. This car still ran the Indy races until 1969 in different kinds of disguises.

A very bizarre-looking car that was driving in the 1964 race was the Hurst Floor Shifter. Bobby Johns crashed in it, but this car's appearance will not be forgotten. The driver actually sat very exposed in a sidecar while the engine was in the main part of the car. So the driver actually drove the car from the sidecar which is hard to believe. The safety was tested and passed, however this car was never seen again.

When going far back in time, the 1911 Indy 500 had a lot of unusual cars. The Marmon Wasp car had won that race. It was called the Wasp because of the yellow and black colors of the car. This car is the very first car to actually use a rear-view mirror. This was the first time for any car and not just race cars. Back then, the driver actually rode with a riding mechanic, and a man named Harroun drove this car without a mechanic because of the mirror.

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